About Us

RailingPDR Architectural Metals has been in business for 22 years with 40 years of metal fabrication experience. The creator, artist, master craftsman and certified welder is able to work with a variety of different metals including steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, and cast steel. We have the capabilities to design, engineer, fabricate and erect any type of custom metalwork necessary for your specific needs. We have worked on a variety of creative projects including Disneyworld of Orlando, Florida and Sea World of San Antonio Texas. We do all of the 7-11ís in San Diego County. All projects are done in a timely manner. We can provide references of satisfied clients.

PDR Architectural Metals delivers premium quality metalwork to fit your specifications. We specialize in the popular cable railings that add a clean, modern touch to your architectural design. Our metalwork has many types of applications; residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor. Our projects can be a large project or a very small project. If you can dream it up, we can make it for you. Call us today (760) 497-8590 to schedule a free estimate.

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